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A while ago, you and your friends used your witchcraft to make a Deal with a Devil. Whether you struck the deal last week or last century, the Devil is coming to collect, and soon. When they do, that’s it for you. But here’s the thing: You never actually did what you made the bargain for! Can you get out of the deal and still accomplish your goal? The clock is ticking…

This is a Howittesque one-page RPG inspired by the German legend of Faust and his deal with the devil Mephistopheles. The players are a group of demonologists or witches who have made a deal with a random Devil. They must try to accomplish the goal for which they made the deal in the first place while also trying to get out of the arrangement.

Made for One-Page RPG Jam 2020, Folklore Jam 2020, and Witch Jam.

Cover: Faust und Mephisto beim Schachspiel, by Anonymous (19th century)



Abandon_Hope_Sign_Here_v1a.pdf 430 kB
Abandon_Hope_Sign_Here_v1a_textonly.pdf 90 kB

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