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You are elite political canines, the pets of some of the most
senior politicians, bureaucrats, and advisors in the country.
As dogs, your duty is to protect your people — and as
political dogs, your people are the whole nation. Beware,
for corruption, crisis, and conspiracy lurk around every
corner at the Capitol!

Deep State Dogs is a pick-up-and-play tabletop RPG about intelligent dogs at the nation's capitol complex. They must use their cunning, special skill, canine wiles, and government connections to save the nation from some dastardly (and strangely cute) threat!

Nerdy Details: Uses a combination of the dice mechanic from Blades in the Dark with the concept of advantages and disadvantages from What's So Cool About Outer Space.

Includes formatted and basic text versions of the rules. Requires at least one six-sided die (but preferably 6d6) and a few friends to play!


Deep_State_Dogs_formatted_v1.pdf 3 MB
Deep_State_Dogs_basictext_v1.pdf 3 MB

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