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It sure is dangerous in OUTER SPACE! You can get hurt all kinds of ways! My ship's doctor tells me it's important to keep track of that sort of thing! So here are some rules!

This product is an add-on rules module for Jared Sinclair's What's So Cool About Outer Space? but is probably compatible with any "What's So Cool About _____?" game. It provides an injury tracking system derived from WSCAOS's concept of dis/advantages. (It ends up being kind of like FATE's consequences.) These rules can work for physical, mental, or social injuries. Some simple rules for running conflicts are also included.

Prints at the same size as WSCAOS, so pages can be cut-and-pasted into your Sword & Backpack–style notebook as an appendix to the basic rules.

Made for What's So Cool About Jam.


haha i am called out (also, this is almost exactly how i run injuries in wscaos so im glad someone wrote it down. go download it!) Jared Sinclair

Nicely done. Just the thing for a more gritty game! Evangineer

A must-have for any WSCA game. Good job!Secession Cycles

This is a pretty good injury-tracking module ("core" WSCAOS doesn't have any injury/taken out/death rules)... —@wereoctopus (click here for full review)

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorTrystan Goetze
GenreRole Playing
Tagscombat, Sci-fi, Space, wscajam


How_to_Get_Hurt_in_Outer_Space-v1.pdf 445 kB
How_to_Get_Hurt_in_Outer_Space-v1-simplified.pdf 107 kB


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These rules are great. That's it.