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Space is mostly void, partially stars, all terrifying.

This zine includes d1,000,000 tables for generating star systems on the fly for an ultra-gritty, ultra-realistic, ultra-hard sci-fi or science fantasy game.

Made for What Is So Cool About Jam, for people who want to make Outer Space a little less cool use with What's So Cool About Outer Space?, Traveller, Spelljammer, or, if you really want to ruin the fun, Troika!.

This was actually made for Fantasy Realism Game Jam, which is essentially a meta-shitpost taking the piss out of ableist elfgame misanthropes, so everything I say here is tongue-in-cheek. Gritty, realistic, hard sci-fi is cool if that's your jam; don't let me spoil it! I should also say that this thing was inspired by Jared Sinclair's Anti-Sisyphus, Iss. 4.

Any proceeds from this product will be donated to the Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons.


Realistic_planet_generator_formatted_v1.pdf 142 kB
Realistic_planet_generator_textonly_v1.pdf 144 kB

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