Trystan Goetze

1-page TTRPG about the children of a philandering space captain tracking him down
Old school dungeon crawling for the Game Boy Color
Role Playing
Play in browser
A ttrpg about a holy knight forced to babysit two young dragons
A fangame about a podcast about the Pacific Northweird
A game about hardboiled action chickens rescuing their eggs
A couple Easter-themed spells for 5e
An essay by a philosophy Ph.D. on games, philosophy, and the connections between them
An elegant cosmic paralegal background for Troika!
a TTRPG about little dogs in Big Government
A game about old heroes coming out of retirement
For the hardest of hard sci-fi or science fantasy games
A one-page RPG about dealing with the Devil
A game about sapient jam jars trying to escape their creator!
A game about witches taking what they deserve!
A little game about good witches going on adventures together.
An injury and conflict rules module for "What's So Cool About Outer Space?"
A Lasers & Feelings hack about ghosts both friendly and frightening
A simple rules-light TTRPG about cats!

TTRPG Promptober 2022